Working Together

Mentoring for me has as much a place in my heart as photography does. Helping others find success, and reach their goals is what really makes my world go round. There is something that truly drives me to help others achieve success while avoiding the pitfalls I had to go through myself.

Working with me has never been easier! I now offer a variety of options to fit your goals and budget. With me as your mentor we will find clarity in the madness, help you accelerate your business, spark that passion that lies within, and create something you’ve only dreamt of creating. Lets embark on this journey together.

Now Booking Limited 2018 Slots

This program is perfect for photographers and business owners looking to get more serious about where their business is headed, learn how to earn more money, get seen, find stability and success through personalized guided mentoring sessions.


These intensive retreats are held in beautiful and inspiring places across the globe, and will light that fire burning inside you. Workshops are for those interested in learning from motivational speakers, getting out of their comfort zones and working with others to magnify their visions.

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Here is an opportunity for you connect with me personally, to ask questions about my mentoring programs, and discuss together the needs you have in your business. This opportunity will give us both the clarity we need to see if we are a good fit. I only take a limited number of clients per season so lets connect now!