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Hello! I’m Jamie!

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Hey! Im Jamie! An adventurous wedding and portrait photographer who travels worldwide! Photography is more than a job to me. Photography is an art form. The opportunity to take a beautiful couple, person or family, find out who they truly are and showcase them through the images I take on my camera.

Capturing my clients has become a true and joyous addiction. I strive to capture not only the glorious images you want to grace your walls for generations to come, but to find and capture those in-between moments you don’t expect to see… the fragments of life and happiness shining outward, you sharing joy and love with those who surround you, the smiles and behind the scenes laughter that you didn’t think anyone noticed.

Each image is a declaration of my experience and way of seeing things, I want my clients to cherish the story behind the image as much as they cherish the photograph itself.

I love bringing a sense of creativity, emotion and adventure to all of my shots and mixing it with that editorial spin that inspired me when I first began this journey. So if you’re interested in joining me on this amazing journey, feel free to add me on Instagram /Facebook, or book your free consult today and lets chat!
~J ‚Äč